William Roley, PhD

Dr. Bill Roley is an applied ecologist, environmental instructor and consultant. He combines the disciplines of anthropology, biology, architecture, engineering, agriculture, and ecology to address modern challenges of providing for human needs while maintaining ecosystem health. His teaching and design work at the John Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies at California Polytechnic University is a graphic example of this interdisciplinary work. He heads up the Ecological Restoration certificate program at Saddleback College and teaches biology at Soka University.

His Southern California government consultation includes creating a healthy watershed series for the County of Orange, a landscape and composting ordinance for Irvine, developing wastewater nutrient cycling strategies for Malibu, and watershed planner in Aliso Viejo. Dr. Roley designed the Laguna Hills Leisure World yard waste composting project, Ecology Farms vermicomposting site and has consulted on integrated green waste management projects for the Counties of Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego and Ventura.

As a Resource manager for the Thousand Oaks, Ahmanson Ranch development he created water harvesting, flood control and habitat restoration master plan to respect the diversity and complexity of the surrounding ecosystem. An example of his international work is the design and installation of agroforestry and sustainable/edible landscapes for an orphanage landscape in Tijuana, Mexico and in Porte Alegre, Brazil. He worked on an ecotourist biopreserve for The American Society of Landscape Architecture and Pronatura in the Yucatan, Mexico and at El Pilar, Belize for UCSB Mesoamerican Institute.

He is founding director of the Permaculture Institute of Southern California and co-founder of the Eos Institute and its environmental journal Earthword.


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