Permaculture, organic garden/farming and community organizing internships in Laguna with Jan Christensen….


The Permaculture Institute of Southern California is now offering 30 day flexible internships in Laguna Beach California beginning this fall .  Housing and transportation and work schedules to be arranged…CONTACT JAN

The internship will consist of working on projects that the Institute has a any particular time….we are hoping to affiliate with laguna’s Bluebird Canyon Farms for experience in the art and science of urban agriculture….also spend time at the  Laguna Agriforest home of the institute and dr bill.  the programs main objective is experience in organic garden farming, permaculture and community organizing…

we hope to develop and implement a strategy to unify all elements (city, commerce, organizations…foundations…resisents…artists…merchants…water, waste, etc.)of the laguna community at large to the necessity of food and water availability…security.. and insuring that security through permaculture, sustainability and a massive local garden/farming initiative ala milwaukee job initiative ..and to organize a friendraising  fundraising artful event enlisting laguna’s art community…creating a city agency for urban organic agriculture…

and to organize and plan for next spring’s California Permaculture Convergence to be hosted in Orange County….with Laguna being a major partner in the event…..and the institute and bb canyon farm and others inviting will allenn as keynote speaker…..

observations and suggestions from dr. dave…….

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